guys: uh why do girls care so much about being skinny? it's so annoying
guys: ew fat chicks
guys: why do girls care so much about shopping and romance and nail polish lol so annoying
guys: ew crazy butch lesbian manly feminazis why can't they act more feminine lol
guys: why do girls wear makeup they look so much better without it
guys: oh i'm so sorry are you sick? tired? dying?
guys: haha girls suck at math/science/sports
guys: a girl who does math/science/sports? well? get back in the kitchen that shits not gonna get you a husband
guys: why are girls so sensitive when we look at their boobs or something c'mon with that top you're asking for it
guys: oh my god a gay guy just hit on me how fucking disgusting what a creeper doesn't he have any boundaries?
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Sugglet’s 1k Follow Forever!

       So, recently I reached 1k followers (crazy I know). This honestly feels like such a big accomplishment even though it’s not really. Anyway, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for following me and being the nicest people ever. (I was in another fandom before this one and nobody was nearly as nice as all of y’all. The “bigger” accounts were always rude and completely un-accepting of newer/smaller blogs, completely the opposite of this lovely group of people.) And so, I wanted to express my gratitude to all those accounts I follow that have just been so sweet to me for the past four to five months. I’ve decided to do a follow forever and it’ll probably be pretty short because I don’t really follow a whole bunch of people. Nevertheless, here it is, I’ll stop rambling on now.

A, C
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       Once again, thank you all so much. I have bolded some extra special blogs and I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Oh, and thanks to everyone who helped me out last night to reach this goal. I love you all so much!  xx -J

thank you and congrats!!!!

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The Dan and Phil Show on BBC Radio 1

January 2013 - August 2014

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Some things that should be acceptable by now:

  • Girls having sleepovers with boys.
  • Female nipples showing.
  • Marriage equality and equality in general.
  • Doing what you want with your body.
  • Wearing what you want,
  • Kinder eggs in America.

For a second I thought you meant eggs should be nicer to people

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*steps into shower*

*forgets to remove eyeliner*

*steps out of shower*

*joins The Black Parade*

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“Favorite song on piano?”


Aug 22 17:20 ( 10492 )


vampire gerard & ghost frank for my own guilty pleasure

[ c r e d i t ]

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What if instead of having sirens ambulances just played move bitch get out the way by ludacris

Aug 22 17:18 ( 556824 )
Aug 22 17:18 ( 8842 )

emo is just an acronym for eat me out

Aug 22 13:57 ( 18484 )