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imagine being hot like really imagine it like imagine walking down the street and being really confident and being that friend that aLwAyS gets flirted with and having people having you as their goals and being able to get any guy/girl you wanted and always looking good without any makeup on and looking good in every photo and having people scared to talk to you because you’re so attractive and still being able to look like a model while wearing a fricking bin bag


hearing rumors about fall out boy’s new song:


listening to fall out boy’s new song:


Lmao it's radio one a lot of things they do are irrelevant, I mean did u see the robot haha the whole thing was cringe not just Alfie. Each to their own I guess aha

alfie just annoys me because he quite clearly did it for the attention 

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That's kinda mean about Alfie it would have been nice for his fans to see him that's kinda like saying Dan and Phil had no need to present imagine dragons it's just nice for their fans! I'm not personally one but I know if Dan and Phil weren't working I would love them to do it!

u just completely defeated the point by saying dan and phil were working - that’s the whole point, they work for radio one. alfie’s role was just completely irrelevant